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The Christian Solution: How Not To Be Happy With God And Life

Posted On: Tue 20 Aug 2019 By Theo Rays

...a vision on how Christians could work and change situations by Theo Rays


If Jesus Christ continues to sit in heaven and allow His followers on earth otherwise known as Christians suffer from poor leadership, violent crimes like war, terrorism, killings, kidnapping, act of sexual cruelty like rape, diseases, poverty, hunger, malnutrition and all kinds of human wickedness, then I will cease to be a Christian. This said, I stopped going to Church until I discovered that the reason behind the suffering of Christians is not about Jesus sitting in heaven per say, it is about the poor understanding of Jesus among the Churches.


Yeah, the understanding of the Churches about Jesus is largely incorrect and that is why Christians round the world are vulnerable to all kinds of problems on earth contrary to the divine interest of victory over the world via the word of God upon them. In Matt 28:18 it is written that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ. In Matt 11:28 Jesus says come unto me all Ye that are burdened and heavy laden and I will give you rest. In Matt 6:10 we read that it shall be done on earth as it is heaven. In John 16 33 Jesus counselled us to be of good cheer because he has overcome the world. Christians have failed to overcome the world, that is why Nigeria is suffering from myriad of insurmountable challenges upon all the Churches scattered at every turn of eyes in the country. Let's quickly take look at some of those areas of poor understanding among the Churches.


1) Being happy with what is happening inside the Church and not minding what is happening outside the Church (in the society which is the main stream of life). Here is how Christians view progress and how they relax with issues that are not relevant to human development and progress with all their mind and all their energies thereby leaving the society which is the mainstream of life extremely vulnerable to problems.


Last Sunday I was part of a Catholic Church service. During the service, I discovered that people were happy with God and their lives with the followings points or factors: they were happy with the presence of the Bishop, the State Governor and other political leaders and dignitaries present in the service, they were happy that the Church was filed to capacity by the members and visitors, they were happy that money was raised because the Governor and other dignitaries made donations, they were happy that they took holy communion, they were happy that the Church service went well and were generally happy as Catholic faithful.


All over the places, Christians are happy with the above points and factors and more like them. For instance, when I was in Christ Holy Church, I discovered that the members were always happy with the presence of the Church leader, they are happy seeing the leader wave or shake hands with them, they are happy getting him pray for them, they are happy with the old story of how a woman found and rooted the Church, they are happy listening to prophesies and vision and hearing what God did many years ago in someone's life while facing excruciating problems, they are happy donating money to the Church, they are happy organising ceremonies like thanksgiving, anniversary celebrations, they are happy singing and dancing in the Church and happy seeing money raised for buying land, starting and completion of Cathedral projects or school project in most cases.


Of course, because they are happy, they believe that what happens in the Church is what God does all through and thus they commit their mind, their energy, time and money to it. At Christ Holy Church I disagreed completely with what happens in the Church as means of happiness and refused to be happy with others. My argument with Churches now is that Christians should look for happiness outside the Church and go for it in the society which is the mainstream of life. The wellbeing of the people cannot be judged by what happens in the Church or what the people were able to do for the Church. No, the wellbeing of the people can be judged the State of life in the society.


The type of Christianity that I am evolving is of the vision that our happiness should come from our ability to enthrone a workable world class system were lives and property are secured with good political leadership free from corruption and money love and exemplified in love for one another regardless of tribe, religion or political party. Our happiness should come from our ability to take opportunities and possibilities in today's world. Our happiness should come from availability of food, health care facilities, good standard of education, jobs, good roads, adequate power supply, good health, long life and genuine prosperity free from all kinds of criminalities.


Let us reduce our mind, energy, time and money in running Church and put in much more effort - energy, time and money in fighting crime mostly corruption and money love. Let's channel our mind in developing sport mostly football, agriculture, science and technology with emphasis on developing means of transportation, industrialisation and manufacturing. Bishops and Pastors are happy spending heavily on Cathedral projects and opening branches, happy spending heavily to organise crusades, happy spending heavily on television programs, happy acquiring expensive worldly things while people are dying of hunger. It is bad that Nigeria as giant of Africa cannot connect her cities with functional rail lines and bridges not to talk of building tunnels and ships upon all the massive interest in God among the citizens. This is bad, too bad.


So join me let's do something better with the Lord. Let give the world a Christianity that is happy dealing with the challenges facing lives in the society and by so doing we can work and change situations to the glory of God. It is possible, we can do it. Yeah, in Habakkuk 2:14 it is written that the knowledge of God's glory shall cover the earth like water covered the sea. We need anointing of Habakkuk 2:14 and that is what I am parading before the world. I can assure you that your personal challenges in health, business, marriage, family and communities at all levels can be addressed with this anointing. Come let's share it together for the benefit of ourselves individually and collectively as a family, tribe, religious group and a country. be continued

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