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Posted On: Sun 06 Sep 2020 By Charles Ogbu

Tiger Foods Limited- producers and exporters of food spices and herbs such as Tiger Curry, Thyme, Nutmegs, Vegeta Cocoyam Flour, Lasor Seasonings, Euroma Spices etc and distributors of Beverages such as Angel sparkling health drink, the angelus rose the Angelus Brut, MayBach Riesling, Bree Merlot Red Wine, Tiger Energy drink, tiger ginger etc.
Headquatered here in AlaIgbo, Owerri road, Onitsha precisely, Tiger Foods started with a "local Igbo woman" - Agnes Nwadòrò Ebubeogu - locally processing and assembling local spices for sale in the 1980s.
Young Chief Celestine Ebubeogu
The Children of this "local Igbo woman" would later join their mother in the business and upon her demise, they carried on and have successfully revolutionalized the business such that today, Tiger Foods is unarguably the biggest Nigerian exporter of food spices and herbs to West African countries.
Today, the man who alongside his brother, defied the myth that Igbo Land is not good enough to cite big companies, the man who demonstrated that the AKU RUO UNO mantra is not just a rhetoric, the man who truly believed that Kano, Lagos and Portharcourt aren't the only places good enough to cite the headquarters of big big Igbo owned companies, that man, Chief Celestine Ebubeogu (IDE GBURUGBURU) the Chairman of Tiger Foods Ltd clocks 51.
Chief Ebubeogu and Charles Ogbu
As a person, I've always believed that no one but the Igbos can solve the Igbo problem. So I feel naturally drawn to those few Igbos who don't just mouth off Aku Ruo Uno mantra as a convenient rhetoric but go out of their way to live it despite the enormous challenges. This is why I have sworn that the ever first vehicle I will buy will be INNOSON right there in our own Nnewi.
I dey craze wey I go go market go buy any herbs or spices to cook anything wey no be Tiger products?
Spirits will not develop Ala-Igbo. We are the ones who will have to do it ourselves. Onye ajulu onaghi aju onwe ya.
But I digress!
I am here to wish Chief Celestine Ebubeogu a happy birthday.
Guys, please let's give a shout out to this amazing man.


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