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Ndigbo: Time to define the concept of think home philosophy, says Nwabueze

Posted On: Mon 12 Aug 2019 By Theo Rays

Disturbing issues of neglect and outright marginalization of the Southeast geopolitical zone in the scheme of power in Nigeria coupled with teething security challenges in the country have all combined together to plunge Ndigbo into a socio political whirlpool with no immediate solution on sight. The quest to address the challenges facing Ndigbo has however divided relevant stakeholders into different political lines and also heightened the idea of think home philosophy among the people.


While Ohaneze Ndigbo along with other notable Igbo groups and individuals including elder statesmen are clamoring for Restructuring, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and others mostly from the youth segment and Ndigbo in Diaspora are of the opinion that Biafra restoration is the best option for Ndigbo. In this encounter with journalists, a young Nigerian entrepreneur from Ogidi in Anambra State Chudi Nwabueze is of the opinion that think home philosophy is vital at this point in time, in addition to clamoring for Restructuring and agitating for Biafra restoration.


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Chudi Nwabueze


Nwabueze who is into ICT and hospitality business told journalists at his base in Lagos that Ndigbo should as a matter of importance embrace think home philosophy and enforce it with all their capabilities. To this end, he said the time to define the concept of think home philosophy is now as to make it more acceptable to Ndigbo across Nigeria and in foreign countries. Hear him "first of all, we have to define the concept of think home philosophy so that when we are coming home we will know what we are actually coming to do and as well the possibilities of getting it done"


According to him "think home philosophy is not just about someone coming from Lagos or Abuja or United States or Canada, China or Europe to build a hotel or petrol filling station or market plaza or housing estate, these are part of it but major part of it is to design and adopt a well-structured and well programmed projects in critical areas of life such as agriculture, health, education and transportation as the case maybe that will enhance the capacity of the people to live a more adventurous, more profitable safe and secured life in their fatherland.


He continued, "Yes there have to be structures and programs and enabling environment on ground for people to come home and invest substantially. Take for instance, I want to invest on Agriculture in Ogidi or elsewhere in Ogbaru or Nzam or Anam in Anambra north what structure and program do I follow? What are the aids available for farmers from government quarters? What is the cost of labour, the access road, the degree of communication, the market value and of course the security measures, these are the things we have to look into to be able to effectively promote think home philosophy"


The Ogidi born entrepreneur listed adequate power supply, rail line, good road network that connect the rural dwellers to the city and efficient communication network adding that commercial and capital cities in Igbo land are due for adequate power and connection with rail lines to enhance the environment for mega businesses of industrialization and manufacturing to thrive with safer and easier means of transportation.


He noted that Nnewi is doing very well in manufacturing adding that Nnewi has started well and Ndigbo should take it up from there. "Nnewi is doing well in manufacturing, Aba too is not doing badly in textile and foot wearing, companies like Ibeto, INNOSON, Chikason, Koteck, Tummy Tummy, Cutis, Louis Carter and others have impressed in the area of industrialization and we have to take it up from there, we have to find out how they did it, borrow from their expertise. These captains of industries are big assets to Ndigbo and we have to always commend and support them"


He added, “Commercial cities like Onitsha, Nnewi and Aba and capital cities like Enugu Owerri, Awka and others need adequate power and rail lines for business to thrive to encourage think home philosophy but in the absent or lack of resources to fix rail line and connect them with rail transport system let there be adequate road network. Also, the capacity of rural dwellers has to be enhanced as well with road and communication network to bridge the network gap with the city. What is the network capacity of a rural farmer in Ogbaru, Nzam or Anam? What information does he have on farming? How easy it is for him to connect Onitsha? These are issues we have to address and which I believe will encourage think home philosophy".

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