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Posted On: Sun 11 Aug 2019 By Charles Ogbu

Nothing demonstrates the failed State Nigeria has become better than the Taraba incident where Soldiers murdered policemen on a legitimate National assignment just to free a kidnap kingpin, forcing the Police - a State institution with prosecutorial powers - to resort to social media #hashtag in a fruitless search for justice IN A "NATION" THAT SUPPOSEDLY HAS A GOVT HEADED BY A MAN MASQUERADING AS THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES.


Problem is, some of us understand a failed State to be a State that is no longer in existence. Far from it. A State can have a govt, a defined territory, state institutions and a National Army and yet remain a failed State the same way a man can have a penis that can stand fully alert at the sight of a woman, penetrate and even ejaculate semen inside the woman but still unable to make a baby.


A State is deemed to have failed when (1)It can no longer exercise monopoly of violence over its territory and peoples - Nigeria falls under this category, (2)It cannot protect her National  boundaries -Nigeria falls under this category too and MOST IMPORTANTLY, (3) State Institutions have collapsed to the point of being unable to perform their duties even to a minimum level.


You see that number 3: COLLAPSE OF STATE INSTITUTIONS, that is the ultimate decider of a failed State. And that is exactly why Nigeria is a failed State.


And make no mistake, it takes a good leader to build strong institutions and it takes a horrible leader to deliberately weaken or collapse State institutions to achieve his personal agenda.


Leadership Is Everything.


The collapse of State institutions is why we have an INEC that cannot do such an elementary thing as upload the result of a general election it conducted six months ago into its server simply because it wants to serve the personal interest of the President as against serving public interest. It is the reason we have a Police Force that is using social media to press for justice for its officers murdered by a sister security agency with abundance of video evidence - The same Police that has made a career killing innocent Nigerians with impunity.


The tragic irony is, before this new week runs out, the soldiers who murdered those Policemen might get posted to Boko Haram infested zone with inferior weapon to be "arranged" by the terrorists and get buried in secret mass graves because some Army Generals have cornered billions budgeted for equipping those soldiers.


So you see, in the end, the casualties are not only the dead policemen for like JP Clark pointed out, "they are well out of it".


As it stands now, the greatest threat facing Nigeria and Nigerians is the Nigerian government.

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