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Posted On: Sat 10 Oct 2020 By Zitenwa Zik Ikokwu

I travelled to Enugu for a burial on Friday 23rd of August 2019 and unfortunately, that was the day the former deputy Senate president, Senator Ike Ekweremadu came back to Enugu and was received by his people with a rousing welcome followed by road show and celebration marked by mainly "Youths" and elderly "Women" from his constituency


The welcome party was so powerful and crowded that, they have to close down one lane of the road and left the other lane for road users. But something strucked mind as I was passing through senator Ike Ekweremadu's mansion near Agricbank Enugu, as I saw those youths chanting (Ikeoha Ka Anyi Ga Eso) I remembered the Almajiri system in the North, where the political class and the elites turned their followers into mere beggars. I purposely told my friend that if he goes out there to talk about the "Yam" incident in far Germany that he will be lynched because those people has been bought by just 500 naira (What an irony?) and I also told him that this should be a sober reflection period for Senator Ike Ekweremadu and not time for party because they have failed South East Region and Nigeria at large but because shame has eluded the leaders and the masses too, that's why they can turn serious "Warning" to "Party".... (Serious Danger Looms)


I told my friend that was inside the car with me that those people we saw singing and hailing senator Ike Ekweremadu are the real problem of this country not even our so called "Leaders", I told him that are shouting, singing and hailing Ikeoha not because they like him neither is it because Ikeoha is a performer but they are doing so because of the crumbs the organisers of the solidarity rally will throw at them at the end of day and the funny thing is that after collecting that crumbs it won't drive away the hunger or poverty that has been holidaying in their abodes. I went ahead to tell my friend that the organisers of the welcoming rally may collect 15 million naira from Ikeoha for this particular rally but at the end of the day those their foot soldiers matching under the sun chanting and singing (Ikeoha Ka Anyi Ga Eso) will go home with minimum of 500 naira out of 15 million naira that was released for the rally. ( I have been to many political rallies and I can tell from my own personal experience)




The leader that has his children abroad, that visits them anytime he wants or the leader that has used the common wealth of the people to acquire the future of his children and his generation, or you that lives in the village that can't afford 3 square meal a day, but have the strength to sing a solidarity song for corrupt politicians and later, you will be given peanuts from your own money because you matched from one field to another stadium with placards, in the name of political rally !! Between you and those that I mentioned above, who are the people swimming in the ocean of poverty both mental and otherwise?


Honestly, the masses are the real hardcore problem we have in Nigeria as of today. A politician representing you collects huge amount of money to build or to reconstruct a hospital in your village and he went ahead to eat the whole money without doing anything and your mum falls sick you took her to that same hospital because of the dilapidated nature of the hospital your mum died and the politician will still come out for re-election and you will be the one that will carry ballot box for him, you will be the one disturbing and tagging people on Facebook because of the same man that killed your mother, you will be wasting transport fare attending political rallies for such man while his doctors are aboard waiting for him once he wins election, he will travel to go and get their attention over there.


Are we not our own problem in Nigeria?


We keep shouting, "bad leadership" while we are the ones electing those dishing out bad leadership to us. What do you expect when you elect a man, you know from the streets that he his not prudent in nature but because he bought you over with some peanuts you sold your vote to him and you still expect a "Miracle" when goes there?


"Always think before you act, what will I gain after this action?  What are the futuristic implications of my today's action? What will be my faith and that of my family after this action? Think, Think, Think and just Think


God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria

God Bless South East Nigeria

God Bless Anambra State





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