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Posted On: Sat 12 Sep 2020 By Maazi Uche Ugwoke

An open letter to Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka


In January 2012, GEJ increased fuel price and you incited Nigerians to march protest against him. You said many malicious things against the then president.


In January 2015, the first sermon you gave in your church was titled FROM GOODLUCK TO BADLUCK. In that message, you accused him of being responsible for all the evils that are going on in the country such as bloodshed, corruption, hooliganism, instability unemployment etc. You likened the innocent man to Judas Iscariot who has been with Jesus but yet he is a thief and a robber.


You also likened him to King Saul whom God has rejected as a king. You now introduced us to a man after God's heart in the person of Buhari whom you called a chosen messiah. You highlighted all the good things that Buhari did when he dethroned a democratically elected president in the 80s and said that he is coming to do same.


Out of your hypocrisy, you said that you are not campaigning for anybody yet you kept shouting "WE NEED CHANGE" knowing well that it is APC slogan. You convinced us to vote for Buhari.


Buhari won the election and you gave another message titled CHINASARA M OKWU. You made jest of all the people who called you to order while attacking GEJ. You said that if Buhari did not do well that God will remove him.


Now that Buhari is in power, problems multiplied. Instead of reducing fuel price as promised, he increased it 2 times yet you never incited Nigerians to march protest. Price of dollar kept increasing, you went mute. More bloodshed, you became dumb. He is not doing well yet you watched him declared winner of second term election. Corruption is on increase you care less.


Everything you accused GEJ is still happening more under the watch of your messiah. Is it not an indication that GEJ is innocent of all your accusations. Why not swallow your pride and apologize to him.


Now, your ministry has turned to an object of mockery. BBnaija is now your source of illustration during sermon. A program that even non Christians admit to be sinful and more of porn is what you have given yourself into. Is it not time to question yourself where you have gone wrong?


It will cost you nothing than ego to apologize to the man whose political ambition is not worth the blood of a Nigerian. Just admit that you were wrong. Anyone can make mistakes. This is the only way I think you can redeem your image.


Yours truly,

Maazi Uche Ugwoke

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