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Journalist Retracts Story on Peace Mass Transit

Posted On: Sat 12 Sep 2020 By Francess Olisa Ogbonnaya (Tabitha)

I Mrs Francess Olisa Ogbonnaya retract my story  titled:


Peace Mass Transit Involved in an accident at Ore which killed over 18 passengers which was published on 11 December 2019 on my personal Facebook wall.

The story is false and misleading.

I hereby tender my unreserved apology to Peace Mass Transit Ltd and the Chairman, Dr Sam Onyishi  for subjecting him and the Company to public ridicule and embarrassment.


I really regret not double checking my source of information.


I am sorry for any inconvenience this story may have caused the Chairman and management of Peace mass transit.




Mrs Francess Olisa Ogbonnaya (Tabitha)

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