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Ganduje, Dollars, Kano, war against corruption and irony of integrity

Posted On: Sun 19 May 2019 By TCR NEWS | Ken Henshaw

Governor Ganduje of Kano state was recorded on video and audio taking bribe payments in US dollars from contractors. Since then, this is what has happened;


  1. Ganduje has sued the journalist that reported the story


  1. Ganduje has revoked the contracts of the whistle blower who did the video. His company has been blacklisted. The patriot who did the right thing has been ruined.


  1. President Buhari raised Ganduje’e hands and asked the people of Kano state to vote him. Not a single word of condemnation from the President or Presidency.


  1. President Buhari blamed the Nigerians who reported that high class corruption saying the video could be doctored.


  1. No investigation, has been commenced by EFCC. The entire anti corruption architecture in Nigeria is silent!


  1. Ganduje ‘delivered’ millions of Kano votes to President Buhari.


  1. Ganduje also won his election, he will continue presiding over the affairs and finances of Kano state for another 4 years.


  1. Ganduje has commenced vengeful actions against Emir Sanusi of Kano for speaking up against his corruption. The ancient Kano Emirate has been broken to tiny bits.


Fellow citizens, this is how we fight corruption in Nigeria! Welcome to the Next Level!


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