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ENDSARS: Sanwo Olu, Lagos State Governor joins Protest

Posted On: Tue 13 Oct 2020 By TCR NEWS

Below are his post today being 13th October 2020, and yesterday being 12th October, 2020...


13th October, 2020
I joined the #ENDSARS protesters in Alausa and received a letter of their demands and once again I reiterated my support.
I am now on my way to Abuja to meet with H.E President Muhammed Buhari and the goal of the conversation is clear.
Tangible next steps to #EndPoliceBrutality
12th October, 2020
I was at the venue of one of the #EndSARS protests today. The safety of everyone involved in peaceful protests across Lagos is important and communicating with the CP, this is what we want to guarantee on all sides.
Tomorrow, I will be meeting with HE President Muhammed Buhari in Abuja.
As a servant of the people, my job is to listen and do everything within my power to act while managing the nature of the problems our people are protesting against. I am proud of our youth and the courage they are displaying in articulating their grievances.
I identify wholeheartedly with the #EndSARS campaign as it touches the essence of democratic freedom.
Citizens must never be denied the right to protest and your voices have been heard.
A clear pronouncement has been made and Mr. President has addressed the nation. All SARS officers involved in the killing of innocent people and engaging in the abuse of human rights will be brought to justice.
My stand on #EndSARS is unmistakable and I assure you that I identify with this protest because your concerns are legitimate. The protest is in good faith but we have to be peaceful and decorous in expressing ourselves.
I have received the news of casualties at the Surulere protest as well as other developments we are monitoring. We mourn with the families of those who have lost their loved ones.
Please do not allow your protest be hijacked and used by people with a pre-existing vendetta.
We must prevent the escalation of issues and I am meeting with the Lagos CP and other security leaders in a few minutes to ensure that live rounds that could lead to further casualties are not used at all as the police looks to maintain peace during the protests.
I want to appeal to the protesters to take a break from protesting tomorrow. Tempers are at a highest on all sides at this time and while we work to prevent escalation, the safety of our residents is paramount.
I speak not just as a governor, but as a father, brother and son.

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