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Posted On: Wed 05 Feb 2020 By TCR NEWS

Nigerian Student in China sends massage to Nigeria Government, begs for help to return home.


Here are he's word:


"I am a Nigerian student currently studying at one of Wuhan's universities. Due to privacy concerns i decided to open this account to describe the situation of Nigerians currently in Wuhan in the midst of the corona virus outbreak.


This post was necessitated by the following false report attributed to our honorable Minister for information in the Nigerian media:


  1. Only 16 Nigerians in Wuhan?


The total number of Nigerians in Wuhan to my recollection currently stands at over 50 people. We have been able to coordinate ourselves, and support each other in this trying period.


  1. We don’t want to leave?


This statement is the bone of contention, and has caused panic in the Wuhan Nigerian community. The Nigerian Population in Wuhan includes students, researchers, and Businessmen, many of whom are with their wives and children. These people are all at risk of getting infected each time they leave their place of residence to find food to eat or water to drink in a city that looks like a ghost town with supplies running out each day.


Right now countries that have successfully evacuated their citizens (South Korea, Kazakhstan, India, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan, Italy, Germany, Indonesia, etc.) have proven the possibility of evacuation without infection. So the question becomes why is our case different?


We are therefore pleading with the Nigerian government to please rescue us from this situation, as we are ready to appease their fears by:


  1. Being tested and quarantined on arrival


  1. Fund our travel expenses.


We are humans, people who are citizens of a great nation who do not deserve to be publicly sentenced to death by a country we are proud of.


Please Nigerians share till this gets to Federal Government and Nigeria news papers front Page please, help us.


Let share please!

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