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Posted On: Wed 16 Sep 2020 By La Belle Reine D'Awka

One of the earliest political philosophers, Plato said "It is the government which must flow from the education and not education from the government".


Plato gives more importance to education to the extent that it must produce the best for governance.


Dr Godwin Maduka is the best and most eligible aspirant for Anambra gubernatorial election come 2021. He brings joy and succour to the hearts of the people. Mere mention of his name elicits and rhapsodizes our beliefs in good governance due to the reality of what can be seen with his every human,physical,infrastructural achievements.


Anambra State is a society that has informed and educated people who will determine who is able to hold any office or govern a state, how those in office are elected and how those representing the state will chose to regulate, promote and establish institutions. Dr Godwin Maduka is the embodiment of well defined leader, with authority, very responsible, and accountable in accomplishing his obligations and objectives.


Anambrarians have experienced reality with Dr Maduka's tricycle (Keke) palliatives which resonated and is still resonating in the state. He enjoys giving back to his people, society and the state.


His,will be a bureaucratic system based on logic, order and legitimate use of formal authority and communication which will enhance Anambra State.


#RightChoice - #RightTime

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