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Posted On: Sun 19 May 2019 By Great Imo Jonathan

In the last 12 years, Abia State has gone from bad to worst. But unfortunately, our people are being fed daily with all manner of lies to keep them in the dark. To the extent that some of our people have become blind followers and sycophants defending those who have destroyed the future of their children. Some even support these enemies of our state to rig elections and also help to intimidate those who are determined to rescue the soul of the state from scavengers and mindless looters.


Especially, some of our youths ignorantly oppose every move to rescue Abia from the marauders who steal election victories of others and size the commonwealth of the state. When you think deeply about it, you can only but pity them because, sincerely they are ignorant.


Even with the hardship they face every day in the state, they still go out of their ways to defend criminals who have made their lives miserable and to abuse those that are making effort to rescue them. Some of them get peanuts for doing so and are so satisfied with their situation because they consider themselves so lucky in the midst of pervading poverty Abia's heartless leaders have imposed on the people. It is so bad that you wonder if mediocrity is their name. At least one expects that if they can't experience good governance in our state, they should be able to compare our state with others and see how everyone out there is ashamed for them. That when people compare the potentials of Abia state, the low caliber of people running it and what it could have become if there was quality leadership, that they weep for our people.


To help these classes of people in Abia state, I want to show us a small example with Borno state. I am not going to use Lagos or even Kaduna, because both states are far beyond the imaginations of mediocre leaders in our state, in terms of planning and development. It may be unfair to use them to point out the poverty of leadership, hence Borno.


Now look at this:


  1. Shettima, the governor of Borono, was faced with crisis that engulfed the state for the entire 8 years he has been in office. Yet PMB commissioned world standard projects in the state few weeks ago; from schools to hospital, estates to industrial park.


  1. 40 secondary Schools built by shettima have better facilities than Abia state owned higher institutions where students pay through their noses.


  1. Roads in Borono are constructed at the cost 212 million naira per kilometer and they are world class. But in Abia state, a kilometer of road is constructed for 1.5 billion naira but they are of the poorest quality and not up to 100 kilometers have been constructed in the last 4 years.


  1. Whilst Ikpeazu is busy deceiving Nde Abia with some imaginary Enyimba Economic City, he has not been able to maintain common infrastructure in Aba and Umuahia. Meanwhile, Shettima without making noise has developed many parts of Borono into modern towns amidst Boko Haram crisis and their state capital is 100 times more beautiful than Umuahia.


  1. Whilst Ikpeazu deceived Nde Abia for 4 years with purported 1.6 Billion Dollars imaginary China Shoe Factory, Shitimma quietly built an industrial cluster housing 15 industries worth billions of Naira without the kind of 419 media propaganda we see in Abia state.


  1. Despite huge revenues coming into Abia state, Ikpeazu and PDP cannot pay ordinary salaries and pensions. But Shettima of Borono with less income and huge financial burden brought upon his state as a result of insurgency does not owe salaries.


  1. Whilst Ikpeazu is busy looting Internally Generated Revenue from Aba and industries in the city are closing down due to bad economic situation in the state and failed infrastructure, Shettima has made his state an industrial state with the little that comes to his state.


  1. Abia is an oil producing state and NDDC beneficiary, whilst Borno is none.


There are so many comparisons that could show us how mediocrity has enveloped Abia state, whilst some senseless looters who are only interested in primitive acquisitions of wealth are busy with criminal propaganda and shameless posturing.


The last 12 years of PDP, including the last 4 years of Ikpeazu have been a disaster. Every Abia son and daughter should be ashamed of the characters we have in power and must all come together and ensure that all materials necessary are presented before the election tribunal in Abia state, in order to retrieve our stolen mandate. The audacity of these looters and election riggers must be deflected so that our state can quickly return to path of progress. We can't afford another 4 years in the hand of these cerebral fraudsters and shameless scavengers who have destroyed our today and are out to destroy the future of our children.


Abia Must Be Free


Great Imo Jonathan

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