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Video of Arrested 80 Nigerian fraudsters by FBI in U.S emerges

Posted On: Sun 25 Aug 2019 By TCR NEWS

The United States (U.S.) recently announced the arrest of scores of Nigerians and few other nationals involved in what the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) described as the largest internet fraud ever committed in the country.


As at the last count, about 80 defendants most of whom are Nigerians were discovered to have participated in the massive conspiracy aimed at stealing millions of dollars through a variety of fraud schemes and launder the funds through a Los Angeles-based money laundering network.



Some of the suspected fraudsters were said to have engaged in love scam, while others adopted various strategies to con their victims.


But luck ran out of them as they were arrested in different parts of the U.S. by FBI agents.


A statement released by the department of justice of the Central District of California had earlier listed the names of the suspected fraudsters.

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