Google Translate celebrates tenth birthday

29 Apr 2016

Google Translate celebrates tenth birthday

There are thousands of languages spoken across the world, and it's obviously not possible to learn each and every one of them. But modern technology has made it possible to break down language barriers across the world. And one of the most popular of such useful tech products, Google Translate, is celebrating its tenth birthday today.

Google Translate was started ten years ago with the aim to make it easier for people around the world to communicate with each other, despite their different lingual backgrounds. Today, it supports over 100 languages and is used by over 500 million users.

The most common translations on Google Translate are between English and Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, and Indonesian. Apart from common phrases (e.g. How are you?), Google Translate is also by people for translations related to current events and trends.

Users also play an important role in making the service better through their feedback on the Google Translate Community. So far, about 3.5 million users have submitted close to 90 million contributions.

An especially useful feature of Google Translate is Word Lens. It lets you instantly translate menus, street signs etc. in over 25 languages. More importantly, Word Lens's iOS and Android apps can be used offline as well.

Google Translate is particularly useful for Indian users as it supports 9 out of the country's 22 official languages. The service introduced a bilingual conversation feature in 2011 that makes it possible to recognize the language being spoken when you're talking with someone, allowing you to have a natural conversation in 32 languages.


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