App Store: Seems 99% of App Developers Aren’t Making Money

20 May 2016

App Store: Seems 99% of App Developers Aren’t Making Money

App designers make money right? Well it seems that some do but around 99% of them actually don make any money when selling apps.

Around only 1% of developers make money from selling apps it seems. Bear in mind though that many apps flooding the market are nothing but copies of games that have done well already. For instance Candy Crush and Flappy Bird. People are not going to make money by uploading copies to the app store.

If you want to make money on apps then you do have to come up with something new and exciting. One of the most popular games that made a great deal of money for the developer was Flappy Bird. People then tried to cash in on the name by offering copies.

One that puts people off from games is lots of annoying ads. People don’t let like them and so they are not going to fall in love with an app that keeps popping up ads all the time. Google does like to brag about the number of apps they have, however many are just copies of games that are already selling well.

To avoid becoming a statistic of the 99% who don’t make money from apps, design something that is fun to play, doesn’t have lots of ads and which is exciting and new.



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