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Posted On: Sun 18 Jun 2017 By Mmadu Jude Egozor


I first met Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, the President of Capital Oil Nigeria in April last year (2016) during the North Central - China Business Forum in Guangzhou, China.


I saw a vibrant and youthful Nigerian, communicative and full of smiles. At the end of the second day of the event, after I finished my speech, I then walked towards him to have some chats. There were lots of government dignitaries, business kingpins like Sterling Bank MD, Bank of Industry MD; State Governors, Ministers, Commissioners, Personal Assistants and host of others. But at the mention of the presence of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, many Chinese entrepreneurs turned their attention towards him.


I was opportune to have some seconds chat with him, and it was really a pleasure to meet with such an ‘Iroko’.




I first heard about Ifeanyi Ubah when I was into motorcycle spare parts business years back in Nnewi. Every Monday morning, Okada riders always queue at Capital Oil Fuel Station located at Nnewi round about, while other stations had fuel. When I asked, the information I got is that every Capital Oil Fuel station within the territory are mandatory to give out 10 liters of Fuel every Monday morning to 150 Okada riders; orders from the ‘CHAIRMAN’, Ifeanyi Ubah.


IUF (Ifeanyi Ubah Friends/Foundation) is an organization he established to reach out to Nigerian Youths, helping them in any way he could and of course making them know whom he is. In China alone, over 50 Nigerians who were caught up in immigration offences received financial help to be able to go home faster and to rekindle their struggle for a brighter future at home.


IUF, to my best knowledge has helped a lot of youths to be the bread winners of their homes today.


Ifeanyi Ubah in recent times has sponsored not less than 100 Igbo Youths to London for excursion and other business trips.


Report I heard indicates that each Ohaneze Ndigbo Meeting he attended in Lagos, he gave out at least one million Naira in support of the institution. Again, he loves Nigerian youths who are doing exceptional things; creativity, entrepreneurship and other uncommon things. He is always ready to help one reach ones target.




Where are the Nigerian Labour Congress, which Dr. Ubahs many companies are among the top employer of Nigerian workers?


Where are Nigerian and mostly Igbo top personnel’ and politicians who without doubt benefited immensely from Dr. Ubah?


In Igboland, there are two proverbs that define the current intimidation, persecution, and threat to the person and life of Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil and Gas about his ‘vuvuzela’ and ‘rice is ready’ singers and followers, who have benefited a lot from him. ‘Oke osisi daa, umu nnunu efefue’ (when an iroko falls, the birds disappear) and ‘erituo onye obi oma, ewelu ugwu gbanye ya n’ohia’ (when selfish people milk you dry, they shall disrespect you henceforth).


Where are all of them? No single one to be seen making post in praise of Ubah, making audio messages like usual in his defense and praise; or making a march demanding his release from the unconstitutional detention and travails  he is currently passing through in the hands of lawless DSS.


Before his current predicament, no single hour would pass without one being confronted with either post or audio message from them in praises of him on social media platforms. All of them have vanished and so waiting for his release to start being their Father Christmas again. What a cruel world indeed.


Ikenna Asumba is the one who made the first article for fairness in the case of Ubah, and of course My Media Company, TopClass Reporters happily published it.


Why FG, NASS Must Save 2,000 Capital Oil Workers Now - See more at:,-NASS-Must-Save-2,000-Capital-Oil-Workers-Now#sthash.yo8FVbPi.dpuf


Ubah by now should understand the big gap between sycophants and dependable supporters. He surrounded himself with big time hypocrites that are mainly after what they could gain to smile to their banks than giving Chief Ubah a systematic support he deserves from them.


After he lost Governorship Election close to 4yrs ago, where he spent billions of Naira (fat share of that money ended up in the pockets of these sycophants who did absolutely nothing to ensure his victory at the polls), we thought he could learn something about such set of smiling and eye service group of people. Why do I say so? Because we heard the echoes of ‘thunderistic’ slaps after the election.


It is sad to notice that these guys are more mindful of their contact and benefits from Ubah, than what will benefit Ubah’s image, protection and popularity.


Now, where are they to help pressurize DSS, Nigerian Courts, and Federal Government to stop the desperate persecution on a man who have made them the bread winners of their homes?


Ubah is there languishing in a ‘terror’ and ruthless detention camp of DSS without being convicted by court of law; while those who actually committed and still committing economic sabotages on our country are smiling to Aso Rock on daily bases.


Ubah is more patriotic than those holding him hostage in their terror camp.




We have numerous cases of fuel subsidy frauds hanging on the neck of big oil marketers who are now sponsors and Chieftains of various political parties. We still have a world class money laundering case still being ignored by this agency – THE HALLIBURTON. WHY IS UBAH THE SACRIFICIAL GOAT?




Immediately Buhari was sworn in to pilot the affairs of Nigeria, APC swopped into action, probing everything connected with PDP and her members, Ministers and Government officials who served under PDP. They went as far as probing campaign funds of PDP during the electioneering.  When some media interviewed Oyegun, the National Chairman of APC how APC managed to pressurized PDP with such huge rallies; where the funds came from, whether that could be probed too.  Oyegun categorically stated that APC’s campaign funds can never be probed.


Afterwards, anyone who sensed that DSS would be coming after him or her, the person would smartly join APC, to be a SAINT and of course their cases would be swept underneath and silenced by the brooms in their hands which signify a symbols of loyalties.


Now the question is: Are they frustrating Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah to join APC?


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