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Posted On: Mon 03 Dec 2018 By Ozii Baba Anieto

Our fathers always advised their children never to succumb or do something out of shame. They used this statement: ejina ifele noo ukwara (don't swallow the phlegm out of shame). It sounds so easy but we all are guilty of it. I am the chief culprit, I have done a million things just to save my face. But what Peter did yesterday at adoration ground showed that character cannot be counterfeited.


Who in Nigeria does not know that Peter will never waste money? Who doesn't know that it is in the character of that man to gather and not to scatter? Father Mbaka knows Peter and also knows that he is a thrifty man. Dragging him to the altar and coercing him to donate or lose election is totally unfair. He simply wanted Peter to swallow phlegm out of shame,  and he stressed it more than necessary.


But a man is not known in time of comfort; character is not what you display in the comfort of your bedroom. It was a great test to know if Peter was truly conservative - a tough one that was conducted before thousands of religious people,  and he proved himself.


Peter is exceptional. He is not desperate to rule. He knows the value of money and will never throw it around carelessly.


If we really want this nation to turn for good, Peter Obi is the man.


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