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Posted On: Wed 13 Mar 2019 By TCR NEWS

All the articles I have read on the above topic approached it from a historical perspective. But as good as history is, it is never free from personal bias, each individual telling it the best way he could, making it subjective. History is actually HIS STORY and that is why from one Civil War, many books were written, each author telling his own story or history the way he sees fit. Here I want to approach this topic differently, using the application of deductive reasoning, which is actually based on natural law, that eliminates all bias and subjectivity. It is either what I have said is true or false, it is either it can stand scrutiny anywhere in the world or it will fail. I invite you to tour with me. Here we go:


Yorubas are Nigerians.
Igbos are Nigerians.
Lagos State is a part of Nigeria.

Nigerians are free to reside and own property anywhere in Nigeria of their choice.


If this be the truth and it is the truth, then the Whole is true. If the Whole is true, then also the Subset is true. If the Whole and the Subset are true, then they are interchangeable! Hence, if we substitute Yoruba and Igbo with any other Tribes and Lagos with any other Town, the Statement holds TRUE. If we apply it globally, the Statement is true.


There are only three (3) ways land can be acquired in Nigeria:


1) Ancestral Holding by inheritance, through family.
2) Leasing or outright purchase.
3) Forceful acquisition through war or conquest. This third method is what Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen do by killing entire communities and forcing the survivors into IDP Camps and occupying their land. This is not part of this topic.


Any Nigerian owning property outside his Ancestral Home or Land Holding did so by leasing or outright purchase. True or False?

The Igbos in Lagos are outside their ancestral homes and every landed property they own in Lagos they acquired by either lease or outright purchase. True or False?


Acquiring land by lease or by outright purchase is a business transaction, not only in Nigeria but anywhere in this world. There was a willing Seller and a willing Buyer. The Seller needed the money and the Buyer needed the land. There was an agreement, both verbal and documented, followed by a Deed of Conveyance and sometimes, a Certificate of Occupancy.


The Igbos bought their lands individually, not as an ETHNIC GROUP and the Yorubas sold their lands individually and not as an ETHNIC GROUP. The land selling and buying spanned over years and decades and cutting across generations of Yorubas and Igbos.


Distinguished Forum members, what we are looking at here is Real Estate Business, that thrives not only in Nigeria, but all over the world. Dubai is one country known for its International Real Estate Business. Right there at their airport, the Real Estate Agents are soliciting for customers to invest in their Real Estate Business.

Nigerians living in Nigeria own properties in Dubai and some of the choicest places on this earth. Millions of Nigerians in Diaspora own landed properties all over the world. Till tomorrow, landed properties are being sold both in Nigeria and around the world.


The Yorubas are not a foolish people and they are not poor. So that should let any intelligent person see that what is happening in Lagos, in terms of Real Estate Business is no different from what is going on in Dubai or any other place in this world where Real Estate Business thrives. If we are sincere to ourselves, the economy of Lagos State has benefitted in no small way from these investments and will still benefit more if these things are harmonized the way it is done in Dubai and elsewhere.


Hence, the accusation that Igbos (or any other tribe for that matter) have taken Lagos land (or any other land for that matter) falls flat on its face. If that accusation stands, it then means that Nigerians who own property all over Nigeria and across the world are guilty of land grabbing. And we know that is true.


The statement attributed to the Igbos that Lagos is no man's land is a false statement that has no foundation. Who levies and collects taxes in Lagos? Yorubas! Who runs the government in Lagos? Yorubas! How is then Lagos a no man's land? Yorubas own Lagos and that is why the levy and collect taxes and also run the government. Intellectuals don't dissipate energy on frivolities.


The truth about the Lagos situation is that some politicians felt threatened by the Igbo population and decided that the best way to go about it is to whip up sentiments using an issue that cannot stand scrutiny anywhere in this world. But unfortunately we live in a country where people find it difficult to think deeply and clearly. It is easier for such people to believe lies than to think.


These desperate politicians are toying with Nigeria's future with dire and negative consequences. One riot, bomb explosion or gunshot in Dubai will destroy their multi-billion dollar Tourist business and ruin their economy. Yet Dubai is an
Islamic country. Those people even play Christmas Carols from Speakers during Christmas season. But here we play politics with everything.


No human being has the right or powers to force anybody to vote for him or his party. Not in Nigeria or elsewhere in this world. If Nigerians living outside the country are not forced by their host countries to vote contrary to their conscience and choice, what right does anybody has to do so in Nigeria? What are we telling the world by our actions?


The problem of Nigeria is not our diversity. God is the author of diversity. He created it. And even in the Millennium and Eternal Age, humanity will still be diverse. Our problem is that we hate TRUTH and we think by applying Truth in breach we will succeed. That is sheer hypocrisy. You cannot face two directions at the same time and make progress.


Patriotism doesn't exist in a vacuum as I said previously. God, as The Sovereign gave life and the State or Nation as a sovereign has the duty to maintain life. We relate to God as living Beings because he gave us life. I know some people don't believe in the existence of God. But even such people know they didn't give themselves life and all of such people on their deathbed have cried to God for help. God gave life and all we need to sustain it. If the State as a sovereign fails to maintain life, then it loses its sovereignty, becoming a failed State. The citizens of a failed State owns it no patriotism, because there is nothing in the State that elicits patriotism.


In Nigeria, there is no water, no electricity, no roads, no schools, no hospitals, no security, no justice, no equity, no peace, no jobs for school leavers, name it.
We said we are one but our actions show we are not. Any country that lacks internal cohesion and unity will never progress. It is better for such a country and people to separate peacefully than to live a lie. Yugoslavia did it and they are better off for it today.




That is a Spiritual Law!

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