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Another Solution: Aba and Onitsha, once business hubs of West Africa

Posted On: Fri 16 Jun 2017 By Mike Ikem Umealo


Aba and Onitsha were once the manufacturing and economic hubs of Nigeria and even for West Africa. There was a time traders came from Ghana, Togo, Senegal, The Gambia, Liberia etc., to buy from Aba and Onitsha.


Nnewi's fame as a manufacturing hub for Nigeria once prospered. But it is currently struggling.


These cities have state governors and representatives who could come together and turn them around, but they are more interested in other things; their personal interest.


If Aba is rebuilt and Nnewi and Ontisha are empowered and made safe for business, Igbo business men and women outside Igbo land may just about be encouraged to come home with their businesses and expertise.


If 50 to 70 percent of Igbo businesses in the North relocate to the East, the Northern economy will collapse under one year. And if those in Lagos should return, the taxes they bring in to Lagos would mean that Lagos could begin to loose more than =N= 300 billion annually. Yes, you heard me right, just about a billion dollars out of the window for Lagos state alone. Other South West states will suffer too. It's not a question of "if Igbos leave, others will occupy." NO! Commerce comes with expertise and there is a reason that expertise has always been attributed to the Igbo man. So the vacuum will surely bring about economic collapse and loss of income for millions; not Igbos.


The military didn't do much for the South East. And Democratic presidents haven't done much either. Even Bro GEJ did virtually nothing and PMB and his Friend Osibanjo won't do much. If our governors can stop stealing, they will turn around these cities and we shall be able to proclaim "If Igbo won't go to the North and West, the North and West will come to Igboland" still under One United and indivisible Country- Nigeria.


Therefore, there can be no greater agitation than the political movement that would make these things possible. Marginalization is political and the solution must be political. Rebuild Aba, empower Nnewi, restructure Ontisha and that shall be enough to BRING Nigeria and Nigerians to the EAST. Already we have Owerri where we can come together and relax and discuss more ways to solve our many other challenges on top of Ngwori. Are you a learner. GOD bless.


(MIU, June. 2017).


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