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Posted On: Wed 13 Mar 2019 By Kemi Ajayi

My professor, Professor Ajila of the department of psychology OAU told me that there's CIRCULARITY in life to further prove the axiom that what goes around comes around.


As a young woman with evident leadership abilities, living in the city of many, the only city with two names in the great contraption called Nigeria, I was impressed upon at a very tender age to AD which later produced AC, ACN and now APC and wooed on the other side by PDP also in Lagos. At a point, I stepped back to do what every human being should do, use my brain to understand the current and determine where to climb the wave.


None of our problems can withstand the current of sustained thinking.


Any future anticipation that is not precipitated on the past is a fantasy. The Fulani know their past well, Yoruba's don't.


I began my observation from the obvious absence of an International airport named after a Yoruba figure, with our 80-million population, I furthered into the assumption that we are Christians and have strong ties with Britain only to discover that Europeans are far more contracted to the Fulani than to any other tribe in Nigeria.


Historically, Yoruba's fought so many wars on many fronts during the colonial slave trade era, what I heard as historical causes of this wars was that the Yoruba's fought for taxes and supremacy, this is a blatant lie as my research has proved. In the late 14th Century, before the invasion of British colonialists, the various dialects who revere Oodua as their center-piece from Ijaw to Benin to Badagry to Togo all lived peaceably together as they advanced their knowledge of science and technology by working in unity. Ifa was recognized as the nucleus of our knowledge touching every sphere of life.


The advent of Colonial slave trade necessitated division of the people, who were so bound to their cultural religion. Islam from the north was allowed to creep into the west through Ilorin and oyo, thereby, dividing the people to allow for exploitation, the Fulani where noticed by the British as foreigners to this soil which is obvious in their outlook to this day, in line with their plot to exploit the people, began to trade weapons with the Fulani with a view to committing the lives of the people into the hands of a race who feels no sympathy for them because they are foreigners. This became the secret of success of the colonial slave trade. Yoruba people suffered the most from the slave trade being so close to the Atlantic Ocean, they immediately formed a resistance against the Fulani invaders who enjoyed sophisticated weapons and horses from the British, this resistance payed off as the intruders were warded off at Ilorin. This victory had a slender body which broke too soon as the Fulani penetrated Yoruba nations by forming an alliance with Yoruba Muslims who began giving in-house information that led to the ransacking of these nations by Fulani forces, the story of the abduction and subsequent enslavement of Samuel Ajayi Crowther, further proves my position.


Madam Tinubu, the late Iya Adinni of Lagos was the most popular slave-trader, selling traditional Yoruba people into slavery, the first mission Church of England was established in 1842 in Badagry by Henry Townsend. The link that created the wealth of the Tinubu family is what Tinubu seeks to revive which he has succeeded already unless something is done urgently.


The assassination of Funsho Williams gave Bola Tinubu the leadership of Alliance for Democracy, a Yoruba party.


By his second term in office he added Ahmed to his name, flagging off his hidden intentions, before now, Lagos Yorubas were largely Anglicans, Catholics and Methodists. The big wigs go to church in Lagos for weddings, birthdays and burials and our music was largely secular. The trend began to drift as Tinubu began to create a very Islamized secretariat at Alausa where can best be described as mallams second home. He also began to air Muslim prayers on radio Lagos and a new Islamic awakening began. Traditional leaders in Lagos were encouraged to wear the Islamic religion front and to such ends were recognized by government and given preferences, people who had a dusty Islamic connection to the past began to clean off the dust so as not to miss the cake. I observed that most aspirants for councillorship position, house of assembly and the Lagos state work-force began to have a blooming Islamic concentration. In the years that will follow, the rest southwest states of Ogun, Osun, Oyo will have Muslim governors, excluding Ekiti and Ondo States where the religion is nearly foreign.


Structure maintains power and power creates structure, once Tinubu has created an Islamic structure in the SW, a handshake between the son of the most renowned female slave trader and her business partner's clan(Fulani) ensued, before our face because we hate to study history but like to run to pastors and traditional seers to ask the future...


Tinubu had created a new party ACN because his purpose is anti-Awolowo, who strongly advised that Yoruba people should not take sides in the EAST and WEST struggle for dominance but project our culture as our religion, medicine, art, and technology is embedded therein. Having grinded AD to a halt, the stage was set for the handshake between NW Muslims and SW Muslims to take over the British house of the Niger area, this is why you notice that despite the slain, the letters and the recessed economy, the UK, USA have called to congratulate Buhari on his new rigging.


Buhari's CPC formed a merger with Tinubu's ACN, creating APC. just like the defunct NPC(Northern people's Congress) that gave a pseudo conjugality to Christians in the north and even annexed the middle-belt states of Benue, Jos, Kogi, Ilorin, Abuja, Niger as willingly tools of the Northern agenda, lacking the understanding that it is an emirate in disguise. Yakubu Gowon, a principal in this category is alive today to see Fulani blades draining and dripping of his people's blood.


OBSERVANCE: In 2011, I noticed that the Yoruba who supported my presentation of Muhammad Buhari's candidacy were 90% Muslims and they have remained bounded to his cause despite all that has been seen. Subsequently, I have come to the realization that history has much to teach us but just before we could teach our children hurriedly, the handshake between the northern and western Muslims occurred again and history is set to repeat itself.


The nation was hi-jacked employing the loophole of discord sponsored by Rotimi Amaechi and the neglect felt by Obasanjo to trigger the terrorism they have been brewing in the north to discredit Jonathan, misinform the people and snatch democratic power from GEJ. By the time Dino Melaye and Bukola Saraki understood the spirit behind the movement of 'change' they couldn't tame change. Hence their revolt, thinking it is business as usual. The outcome is that we have a Muslim president, Muslim vice-president (Tinubu is the vice president, Osinbajo merely represents him).


To further what you might have called my assertion, our ports, customs, immigration, judicial, finance, and all security agencies are now headed by Muslims only, creating a siege for the rest of us. The death toll of Christians in the 4-year tenure of this government surpasses the summation of causalities in Yemen, Libya, DRC combined officially, we are not at war;  we are at expurgation.


Before you vote; (think, as you already voted) think tomorrow. Whether or not your vote will count is secondary. You may argue that Yoruba Muslims will never resort to killing their kinsmen because of religion,  but I do remind you that the people who will do the killings will be militias from the north. Yoruba Muslims sold their kinsmen into slavery which created the likes of Ajayi Crowther, all they did was open the door for the invader and stand-by to loot and replace(bi iku ile o pani ti ode ole pani).


Before any election, Tinubu tells the chief imam of Lagos through the traditional artificial institutions he has created to tell okunrin alasalatu(muslim male), obinrin alasalatu(muslim female), omo ile-keu(the quaranic student) where to press their thumb in any election.  The most accomplished form of religion is the one that tells the people what to think, this has created a new wave of thoughtless people in the SW, a replication of what is currently the structure in the NW.  The consequence of an unthinking man in the 21st century is that he becomes a hazard to himself. You hear this people say Tinubu has changed the face of Lagos whereas it is the dirtiest city I have seen in the world, the poverty and living conditions of the people is abysmally deep and poor respectively. When it rains in Lagos, the people and vehicles move into the flood to find their way causing varying foot diseases. Despite its huge revenue generation, it has failed to build an underground rail system which could have relieved the people of the congested roads and flooding.  An unthinking man and thinking but unsuspecting man are brothers and they are liabilities to progress, the Yoruba Muslims have just joined the wagon of such liabilities …




I saw a picture of a high-school mate who lives in Lagos and is a Muslim, as she celebrated the birthday of her 5-year old daughter; the attendees were all dressed in hijab. This would have been unthinkable 20years ago as we all lived, loved and dined together. Identity is the bond that holds us together, a Yoruba Muslim does not share these bond of outlook, marriage, culture and hope with a Yoruba Christian but does with a Northern Christian, the rate of marriages, partnerships and relationship between the northern Muslims and the western Muslims clearly shows the extent of this handshake that must not be taken for granted.


Religion is in its own right a culture, tradition and ethnicity.


I advise that we be not lured to the dark side by shiny objects.

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