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A dynasty comes to an end, Ohashierism abolishes Iberiberism and Imo has Governor Elect

Posted On: Wed 13 Mar 2019 By Mike Ikem Umealo

What happened in Imo state is not merely a total rejection of the dynasty of Iberiberism, it is indeed a clear indication of the people's desire to make the rejected stone the corner stone in the person of the green cap man.


Thankfully, the result here ends the political career candidature of at least three men in Imo state. These selfish, wicked and uneducated jacket bugs on the body politic of Imo state shall never again trouble us after 2019. Never again!


An early symptom of the weakness of the empire of Iberiberism was Rochas' rejection of suggestions to withdraw his "utu nkeli for familiocracy" and support a candidate other than his own son; by law of course.


During the whole of 2018, in fact, from 2017 when he muted the reckless idea, many from his inner chambers started to write the thesis for his defeat. What was not thought of at the time of the thesis was the "nature of the man in the snake shadow" who will deliver the punch and help crush the attempt by Rochas to continue to govern Imo state from Abuja by proxy.

It turned out that Sen. Hope Uzodinma had not forgotten his old career of manufacturing "original letter heads." He volunteered. Thus, "Nwanne ihuru Gulak " became a clichè and history happened. The hunter became the hunted.


Thereafter, anyone still with Rochas or his son, Uche Ajuru Aju Nwosu, was just there for the final dance and what they could get; the psychophants around him from 2011 admitted that much. Apart from the doctored collated results, I am of the belief that Action Alliance in an imperfect alliance with APC didn't receive more than 15,000 valid votes from across the 27 LGAs in Imo state.


But it was Gulak that effectively designed the path for the steady decline of the dynasty of Iberiberism after 2018. In the inner communities, "ntamu biara karia," at the local government level, people were hungry and angry, and at the state level, land owners were busy preparing documents to reclaim their lands. They were sure that Gulak, Hope Uzodinma and of course Oshomhole have "ohashied" for Rochas to allow Gen. Ihedioha to receive the surrender and administer on them the oath of defeat.


But legend will have it that Rochas and Uche ajuru aju Nwosu nee Okorocha continued to protest this result throughout the 21st century. But one thing is clear, elections are over. We will not call for the cancellation of the results, instead, if anything, we will call for the nullification of all the votes that AA and Uche Nwosu received because of the doctored result from Ideato South. We have a clear winner and nobody came second; it is good like that. Akpara everybody.


Finally, moving forward, Ndi Imo niile otu to (ought to) give a standing ovulation (ovation) to Sen. Hope Uzodinma for breaking the hands of Rochas and thereby, led Ndi Imo into the Ohashierism campaign to take power away from the dynasty of Iberiberism. The masses, led by Gen. Ihedioha received the final surrender. And it is safe to say that the dynasty of Iberiberism has effectively ended.
We can now say a veey big congratulations as we look forward to a greater and better Imo.


The Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is Governor-elect for Imo state.

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