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Posted On: Wed 13 Mar 2019 By Ikeyahkadibia Onyeji

The Very fact that the people of Imo completely destroyed the sand castle of a political dynasty, being built by that potbellied Kleptomaniac called Roaches Okorocha is a cause worthy to be celebrated.


Nothing will give me more Joy than to see that egotistical lunatic with a very unique form of personality disorder jailed for life, his assets confiscated, and his cronies harassed and jailed as well.


The bamboozled demagogue, well versed in ways of evil than good, thinks himself Julius Caesar, while he's nothing but an elevated cartoon character. He deserves every misfortune and evil that comes his way. That animal called Rochas completely decimated my beloved Imo. He even polluted the beautiful town of Owere with his despicable Idols. Pensioners starved, and died. While himself, his family and his political clan gorged on the people's wealth; throwing a few conjured comic witticisms and vocabularies about.


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While I am happy to see his festering influence dissolved to nothingness, I am not optimistic that the incoming administration will do much. That Homosexual really destroyed Imo so bad, it will take a miracle from Ihedioha and his team to even get Imo to breathe again.


• Imo State's federal allocation, plus security votes over the last 8yrs was: N54.2bn


• Internally generated revenue was: N6.85bn


• Accumulated Debt over those same 8yrs stood at N100bn.


• Add the money borrowed and wasted to secure 25% for APC during the presidential elections, in order to warm himself into the hearts of the Northern cabal.


• Add whatever that was stolen, borrowed and wasted to secure a Senate seat that is now in doubt.


•Add whatever that was stolen, borrowed and wasted to secure over 190,000 votes for his son in law under a Party that is less than one year old, then you begin to understand that Rochas has buried Imo state in debt.


I wish there is a ready made solution. I wish Ihedioha has a magic wand. I know enough politics to understand that he can't do much given the circumstances. When the euphoria of ousting the Rochas must have subsided u too will see it.


How will Ihedioha generate funds to clear the mess that animal and his Son in law made, then build infrastructure that is fast decaying? Through federal allocation Of course. which won't be enough, or more borrowing. Which will spell more disaster. I feel really sorry for Imo State civil servants, especially teachers and pensioners. Perhaps we'll be here four years from now, chanting "Anything but a man in a green cap!"


Furthermore, Some Ihedioha Supporters group are already Trying to making his Victory an MBAISE AGENDA. Very unwise move. The earlier he nips that nonsense in the bud, the less obstacle for his administration.


He will have more problems On his plate than for the opposition to feed On that Thing and whip up massive propaganda against him. At the base we are still Republicans, and there is no region that Republicanism is More visible Than in Imo where (if I'm not mistaken), you have the largest number of autonomous communities. He wouldn't need his government to have an aura of a regional or sectional agenda.


Emeka Ihedioha will have critics, including Me, and I am already Pessimistic, because the devil Lies in the Structure and constitution Of Nigeria (that transforms governors into mini emperors), than in individuals. And until we change that structure/Constitution, by Restructuring or outright Dissolution, we are not going anywhere.


However, I wish him the best of luck, he'll need Plenty of it.

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