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Commentary: In midterms, a cau

Donald Trump heads to Paris on Friday to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the truce that ended World War One, surrounded by more than 100 heads of state, all

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Posted On: 08 Nov 2018

U.S. military official: no pla

U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee to lead U.S. military operations in Latin America said on Tuesday there is no planning under way for any kind of mil

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Posted On: 25 Sep 2018

In Colombia, victims of sexual

Yeimy sobbed with her head in her hands as she described how her husband was tied to a pole, gagged and made to watch as she was raped by four fighters from the

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Posted On: 20 Sep 2018

Venezuela's Maduro says he may

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Tuesday he was evaluating whether or not he would attend this week’s United Nations General Assembly meeting i

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Posted On: 19 Sep 2018

Police choppers thump over Mex

Masked police officers pointed semi-automatic rifles from a helicopter that flew low over Mexico City last week as security forces employ unprecedented heavy-ha

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Posted On: 09 Aug 2018

Ex city police chief claims ro

A former Venezuelan municipal police chief and anti-government activist says he helped organize an operation to launch armed drones over a military rally on Sat

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Posted On: 08 Aug 2018

Venezuela arrests six over dro

Venezuelan authorities said on Sunday they have detained six people over drone explosions the day before at a rally led by President Nicolas Maduro, as his crit

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Posted On: 06 Aug 2018

Venezuelan President Blames Al

Government officials said the explosions occurred near President Nicolás Maduro during a televised speech.   Venezuelan President Nicol&aac

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Posted On: 05 Aug 2018

Colombian authorities bust chi

Colombian President Elect Ivan Duque pledged to step up efforts to fight sex trafficking in the tourist city of Cartagena, following the arrest of 18 people cha

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Posted On: 04 Aug 2018

'There's going to be a raid':

Two special envoys sent by Pope Francis to investigate a child sex abuse scandal in Chile were meeting priests and Church workers at a university in the Chilean

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Posted On: 31 Jul 2018

In Honduras, a father awaits n

Ten days after being separated from his 11-year-old son Eduardo by U.S. immigration officials, Douglas Almendarez was put on a plane back to Honduras, he says,

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Posted On: 26 Jul 2018

Immigrant children, parents re

When Yolany Padilla was released from immigration custody in Seattle last week, she assumed she would be quickly reunited with her 6-year-old son, who had been

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Posted On: 15 Jul 2018

Man Who Harassed a Woman Weari

A man who can be seen in a video chastising a woman at a Chicago forest preserve for wearing a shirt with the Puerto Rican flag on it has been charged with comm

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Posted On: 13 Jul 2018

Leftist Wins Mexico Presidency

Riding a wave of populist anger fueled by rampant corruption and violence, the leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected president of Mexico

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Posted On: 02 Jul 2018

U.S. government says it will d

The U.S. government said in a court filing on Friday that it has the right to detain children and parents caught crossing the U.S. border illegally for the dura

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Posted On: 30 Jun 2018

Family members perish in U.S.

A small plane has crashed in southern Wisconsin, killing four people — a 17-year-old girl, a 13-year-old boy and their mother and grandmother.   Th

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Posted On: 11 Jun 2018

Two men set off bomb in restau

Two unidentified men walked into a restaurant on Thursday in the Canadian city of Mississauga and set off a bomb, wounding more than a dozen people, local polic

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Posted On: 25 May 2018

Brazil's Temer to scrap reelec

Brazilian President Michel Temer will give up his plans to run for reelection this year and throw his support behind former Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles

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Posted On: 22 May 2018

Regional 'Lima Group' leaders

The Lima Group of largely Latin American nations on Monday urged the Venezuelan government to suspend the presidential election scheduled for May 20, calling th

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Posted On: 15 May 2018

Thieves suck millions out of M

Thieves siphoned hundreds of millions of pesos out of Mexican banks, including No. 2 Banorte, by creating phantom orders that wired funds to bogus accounts and

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Posted On: 15 May 2018

Peru ex president Humala, wife

Peruvian ex-president Ollanta Humala and his wife have left preventative detention ahead of their corruption trial, authorities said Monday.   The pair h

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Posted On: 01 May 2018

Trump threatens government shu

U.S. President Donald on Saturday threatened to shut down the federal government in September if Congress did not provide more funding to build a wall on the bo

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Posted On: 29 Apr 2018

Unfazed by Brazil's army, Rio

Leaders of Rio de Janeiro's heavily armed drug gangs agree on at least one thing with the head of Brazil's army: An ongoing military intervention cannot solve t

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Posted On: 25 Apr 2018

Toronto police officer draws p

A Toronto police officer who refused to shoot the man suspected of plowing a van into crowds of pedestrians on Monday, killing 10 people, was praised for restra

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Posted On: 24 Apr 2018

Peru judge orders two arrested

A Peruvian judge on Monday ordered the arrests of two men accused of lynching a Canadian man last week in a remote Amazonian village as retribution.   Th

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Posted On: 24 Apr 2018

New Cuban president vows to de

Cuba marked the end of an era yesterday as Miguel Diaz-Canel was formally elected as the country’s new president, becoming the first leader of the Caribbe

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Posted On: 20 Apr 2018