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Texas shooting: At least 26 pe

  President Donald Trump labels the massacre an "art of evil"   A gunman dressed all in black, and wearing a tactical gear including a bullet-proof

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Posted On: 06 Nov 2017

Police Issue Warrant for Black

  Police in Charlottesville, Virginia, have an arrest warrant out for an African-American man who was beaten during a violent white supremacist in rally i

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Posted On: 10 Oct 2017

In Cuba, Sourcing Style

  “I was drawn to people really striving for individual style in a country where it's hard to have individual style,” said Rose Cromwell, a ph

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Posted On: 07 Oct 2017

Las Vegas shooting: Iraq veter

  An Iraq veteran who stole a pick-up truck during the Las Vegas shooting to drive victims to the hospital has released a text message conversation he sha

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Posted On: 06 Oct 2017

Trump Meets Shooting Survivors

  President Donald Trump met Wednesday with surviving victims of the Las Vegas shooting at University Medical Center in the city and hailed their heroism

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Posted On: 04 Oct 2017

New earthquake, magnitude 6.1,

  A strong new earthquake shook Mexico on Saturday, killing at least two people, toppling already damaged homes and a highway bridge, and causing new alar

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Posted On: 25 Sep 2017

Ronaldo and Chicharito lead me

  The football world has paid tribute to Mexico in the wake of the earthquake which left at least 217 people dead.   The devastating quake was the

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Posted On: 21 Sep 2017

Brazil's top court authorizes

  Brazil's top court authorized a new corruption and money laundering investigation of President Michel Temer on Tuesday, yet another case that raises the

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Posted On: 12 Sep 2017

Amazonian tribe members in Bra

  AN AMAZONIAN tribe which has remained secluded from the outside world were slaughtered by gold miners in Brazil.   The Amazonian tribe have rem

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Posted On: 12 Sep 2017

'End times are near': Rare two

  A very rare two-headed rattlesnake has been caught in the US, and is being donated to a nature centre.   The venomous snake was found this week a

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Posted On: 09 Sep 2017

Tsunami warning issued for 'ha

  Widespread "hazardous" tsunami waves were possible after a huge, magnitude eight earthquake struck southern Mexico, the Pacific Tsunami Centre has warne

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Posted On: 08 Sep 2017

Largest wildfire in Los Angele

  A wildfire on the northern edge of Los Angeles rapidly grew on Saturday into what the mayor called the largest blaze in the city’s history, prompt

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Posted On: 02 Sep 2017


  Today's Haitians are essentially Igbo people (believe it or not). Haiti is pronounced as Ayiti in creole.   Haiti is a Caribbean country with a p

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Posted On: 28 Aug 2017

Trump pardons Joe Arpaio, form

  Presidential pardon of controversial Arizona lawman, convicted for defying judge’s order to stop racially profiling Latinos, decried as ‘end

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Posted On: 26 Aug 2017

'We Will Not Stand By as Venez

  Vice President Mike Pence addressed a sympathetic crowd of Venezuelans in South Florida on Wednesday and pledged the U.S. will use its economic and dipl

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Posted On: 25 Aug 2017

Student Who Posed With Confede

  A student has been forced to leave his college after he was pictured holding guns and a Confederate flag while standing next to the Charlottesville, Vir

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Posted On: 23 Aug 2017

US Navy 7th Fleet commander to

  One day after ordering a rare suspension of ship operations worldwide, the US Navy plans to relieve the commander of the fleet that has suffered four co

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Posted On: 23 Aug 2017

Latin America rejects US milit

  Peru, Colombia and Mexico condemn President Donald Trump's comments of using 'military option' against Caracas.   Several Latin American nations

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Posted On: 13 Aug 2017

Foreign Ambassadors Attend Ses

  The ambassadors of Spain, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom on Tuesday are attending a session of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled Parliament

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Posted On: 02 Aug 2017

MS13: a ruthless Latino gang t

  The ultra-violent Latino street gang MS-13, which President Trump vowed to wipe out in a speech in suburban New York on Friday, is estimated to have som

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Posted On: 01 Aug 2017

Republicans: Reducing Manning'

  Republicans say Obama's decision to shorten Chelsea Manning's sentence is a mistake that sets a dangerous precedent.   Senior Republican official

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Posted On: 18 Jan 2017